Sunday, July 31, 2011

Circle Tour

Last Thursday Ken and I took off on a little adventure. We headed out on a journey and decided to go by chance to see where we ended up. On a previous trip through Osoyoos we discovered the most awesome native themed metal sculptures. This time we did a bit of further investigating and ended up at the Okanagan Nation complex. We found a beautiful array of buildings including a high school/elementary school and health center. Spread throughout were these metal sculptures. I have included just two of the images.

Traveling through the South Okanagan, orchards were to be found wherever you turned. It makes your mouth water, and your belly crave those luscious delights.

I loved the row-after-row, mile-after-mile of vineyards and the sun streaming through the fruit trees.

I was tempted to lie down between the rows an soak up the ambiance.

Hairpin turns are a given when traveling back up between Osoyoos and Castlegar, but some are really beyond belief. Remember when the suggested speed is 30 km/h it's not a bad idea to heed these warnings.

This is the view of Osoyoos Lake about half-way through our climb of hair-pin after hair-pin.

In Castlegar we came upon these three sand sculptures. Amazing....I would have loved to see the sculptors in action.

In the little town of Kaslo we found the greatest hospitality. Not realizing that Kaslo hosts a Jazz Festival on the August long weekend, we were greeted by NO Vacancy sign everywhere.

A lovely lady named Marlaina at Willow Home Gallery (well worth a stop, by the way, they had some lovely items to choose from) phoned around for us to see if a vacancy could be found anywhere.

After a few calls, and a bit of luck, we ended up at Loon's Echo:

Dave and Jean swapped some stories with us and we had our own private little cabin with a view of the lake and a beach to enjoy as well.

Looking for a place for dinner we happened upon Buddy's Front Street Pizza. Great hospitality and wonderful pizza. We tried 4 different kinds (we went back for lunch the next day). I would recommend any of the ones we tried, which were: Number One, Aloha, Kaslo Special and Artichoke. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

Walking off our meal we happened upon this little gem hidden in the lilacs.

Creeks and rivers are everywhere and pictures can not convey the spectacle of the rushing water.

In Nakusp we sauntered along the lakefront with it's spectacular gardens.

We also stopped at the Nakusp Hotsprings to soak out a few aches and pains (not that we're getting older.

Here we are on the Galena Ferry. What do you mean you didn't recognize me? These lovely new green sandals were purchased at Softy's Shoes in Penticton.

On to Revelstoke where we found the marvelous Grizzly sculptures and the metal art . By the way Revelstoke hosts a baseball tournament on the August long weekend. Again, we were fortunate to find a room.

I've always been fascinated by tunnels that go through mountains. Can you imagine building that?

The impressive grandeur of Three Valley Gap never ceases to amaze me. One man's vision for future generations to enjoy.

A quick stop at Craigellachie, site of the last spike and it's time to head home.

Vacation time is now over and it's back to the store tomorrow.

Carla, who is much more faithful in the updating of her blog, shared some pictures of a few new lines that came in to the store while I was gone.

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